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Multiplication Practice

Page history last edited by Jonathan Ferrell 10 years, 10 months ago

Multiplication Practice Activities


Being able to quickly and acurrately solve basic multiplication problems will greatly improve your success with sixth grade math.  As a class we will take time at the beginning of the year to review these facts and improve our speed and accuracy.  I encourage you to come back to these activities throughout the year and continue to improve your scores.


Practice Activity
Whole Number Multiplication 0-9 - XP Math
Whole Number Multiplication 0-12 - XP Math
Space Race Multiplication
Multiplication Grand Prix
Penguin Jump Multiplication 
Meteor Multiplication
Tug Team Tractor Multiplication
Space Racer Multiplication
Math Madness (Choose Multiplication)
Multiplication Blocks
Speed Grid (Challenge)
Fruit Shoot
Number Invaders (Choose Multiplication)
Two Digit by Two Digit Multiplication Practice
Decimal Speedway (Decimals)
One Digit by Two Digits Practice
Practice Fish



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