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Page history last edited by Jonathan Ferrell 10 years, 9 months ago

Welcome to Mr. Ferrell's 6th Grade Wiki
We will use this wiki workspace to share resources and collaborate on projects.


* * * UPDATE * * * 

I am currently in the process of moving this wiki to http://www.mrferrell.com.

Head over to the new and improved site to see the best resources!




6th Grade Student Resources



Reading and 


Social Studies  Project Tools
Multiplication Practice
Story Town e-Book  Introduction to World History  Edmodo (Secure Social Learning)
1st Quarter Math Skills
Ferrell Student Blogs Ancient Egypt Resources
2nd Quarter Math Skills
Spelling Resources
Ancient Mesopotamia Resources


3rd Quarter Math Skills  Vocabulary Resources  Ancient China Resources 
4th Quarter Math Skills   Ancient Greece Resources
Sumo Paint
Enrichment Activities
Scholastic Story Starters  Ancient Rome Resources
  Word Tamer - Writing Tool Geography Skills  Voki
Get The Math - Math in real life videos
Write It - Scholastic 
Current Events Blabberize 


World Religions  
Common Sense Math
  Go Social Studies Go Fake Text Message
Study Island 
Comic Master Science  Fake Twitter
Khan Academy   General Resources Basic Animation Maker  
Manga Math   
Scientific Method 


  Prefixes and Suffixes Arcade Thermal Energy   
Have an iPad or iPod Touch?   Prefixes and Suffixes Quizlet   Force and Motion Google World Wonders 

Recommended iPad or iPod Touch Apps

Story Elements - Cinderella   Simple Machines  
  Potential Energy


  Typing Practice  Space  
  Nitro Typing Practice  Cells  
  Guys Read - Book Ideas for Boys  Body Systems  



    Science 360 Videos   





Please feel free to ask questions.  You can reach me at ferrellj@usd231.com.  Thank you!







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